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The benefit of carpet protection
Carpet stain and wear protection is a great choice. When your synthetic carpet is manufactured at the mill, it has it applied. As time goes by soils will abrade and wear off the protector, making re application a smart choice. At ECOPRO Carpet Care we are trained how to properly apply and treat your homes carpeting. Giving you a greater peace of mind when life happens.

A tip about pets
Your cleanliness may be killing your dog and other pets

Pets are short people and their noses are always on the floor. What do you use to clean your floors and rugs?

Do you treat your lawn with fertilizer and herbicides and let your pet roll around in the grass? When your pet licks herself, she is ingesting those toxic substances (and, by the way, transferring them to your carpet, furniture and children).

You can reduce the amount of chemicals in your family & pet's life by hiring ECOPRO Carpet Careā„¢. We offer safe bio-based cleaners. That are employing Colloidal Micelle Nanotechnology. They are completely non-toxic (no danger, warning or caution on the label) and scent-free, this cleaner is not only safe, but will get your flooring REALLY clean! (With no detergent residue).

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So many carpet types to choose from.
We know that choosing your homes flooring can be difficult. There are several material types to choose from. Such as polyester, nylon, trixeta, P.E.T and so on. Not to mention all of the different carpet textures available. Shag, frieze, cut pile, cut pile loop, CGD and more.

From a carpet cleaners standpoint. We see what last and what does not last. Do not forget that we see carpet on a busy daily basis. We are here here to help with your next major investment of carpet purchase. We can assist you on what will be best suited for your families lifestyle.

We keep out cost down..
We keep our cost down and pass the savings on to you. At EcoPro Carpet Care we take a conciseness approach to keeping our overhead cost low. Such as depending on your referrals instead of big advertising campaigns. Also by buying solutions in bulk in order to get better prices. We work hard at finding the best deals on everything we do without compromising to inferior products or carpet cleaning tools. This allows us to provide you with the best carpet cleaning price for the best carpet care job done.

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Did you know that EcoPro Carpet Care offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee? We are so confident in our service being the best in town. That if we fail to meet your expectations we will refund your money.

At EcoPro we pride ourselves in providing you with better service, better systems, better products, better equipment and only the finest technicians.

Give us a call today to find out why we are the Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Beaumont.

(951) 797-3992

Offering Trust, Integrity and Commitment.
Carpet Cleaning by EcoPro would like our potential customers to know that we are offering Trust, Integrity and Commitment.

Trust is the first factor that should always be taken into consideration when hiring a service. Can you trust them in your home? EcoPro has built a strong reputation of being the carpet cleaners that you could trust your house keys with.

Integrity is knowing that the the hired service is going to deliver the full service that you are paying for. There are no short cuts in delivering a thorough EcoPro Cleaning.

Commitment is a service provider standing behind their work. At EcoPro Carpet Care we humbly stands behind our work. If you feel the need to call and request us re-treating a particular area. We will work hard to resolve any concerns you might have.

Truckmounted Power!
At EcoPro Carpet Care in Beaumont, Ca 92223 we are pleased to provide our customers and clients with the best performance possible. You can be assured that EcoPro Carpet Care is using premium truckmounted power. Our carpet cleaning unit produces high 200 degree heat, consistent pressure, and vacuum pull to remove the embedded soils & oils in your carpeted flooring.

Why does EcoPro Carpet Care cleaning stay clean longer?
At EcoPro Carpet Care we are able to advertise that your carpet will stay clean longer. Because we are committed to providing you with a true clean. Achieving that true clean is only possible by following our meticulous 12 step carpet cleaning system. For those that are unaware of our 12 step carpet cleaning system it follows as such. 1. We begin with a complete carpet identification and inspection. 2.UV inspection (Additional charge) is performed for locating hidden sources of odor. 3. Dry soil removal will be completed 4. Severe decontamination will be flushed at the source.(Additional charge)5. Traffic lane solution application. We use products that are free rinsing and that do not promote rapid re-soil. 6. Agitation will be performed on matted and traffic areas. 7. Spotting treatments will be applied to areas that were not removed in the previous process. 8. Dwell time and re inspection of the treated areas. 9. We use a powerful truckmount to properly rinse at a consistent temperature set between 180 and 220 steaming degrees. Our truckmount also provides massive airflow and suction to remove the buried soils, sand, grit, the applied products, and excess moisture. Dry times can range from as little as 1 hour up to 4 hours. 10. Inspection and re-treatment of any remaining spots or areas that may need attention. 11. Fiber barrier renewal stain protection (Additional charge) This re-coats the carpets fibers and rebuilds and re strengthens stain barrier. 12. An even grooming pile lift is performed to provide even coverage of the applied product.

The 10 Commandments of Carpet Care
1) Keep outside dirt outside. More then 80 percent of the soil and moisture on indoor carpet is tracked in as people walk into buildings. Keep building exteriors clean so that less dirt ends up inside.

2) Place and maintain walk-off mats. Mats, at least 12-15 feet long, should be placed at all building entries to absorb soil and moisture before it gets on indoor carpeting.

3) Vacuum more to clean less. Vacuum all high-traffic areas, entries, and main hallways more often. Vacuuming not only removes dry soil, but it also keeps it from becoming airborne and spreading, covering desks, cabinets and surfaces.

4) Use efficient vacuum cleaners. Commercial, high-efficiency vacuum cleaners in good working order are essential to good carpet care. Vacuums with HEPA air-filtration systems help keep the indoor air clean and the environment healthy

5) Have a spot-removal program in place, weekly or monthly. Also, keep a plan in place to deal with the build-up of ice melt or salt in carpets. More frequent deep cleaning will be required if you are in a snowy climate.

6) Focus on the lower floors first. Spend more time and effort cleaning and vacuuming lower floors. Soil removed on the lower floors has less chance of traveling throughout the building.

7) Carpet stairs and elevators. Stairs and elevators are among the first areas to collect tracked-in dirt. Carpeting these areas helps trap dirt, and frequent vacuuming will keep it from moving throughout the facility.

8) Deep clean with hot-water extraction. Hot-water extraction is generally recognized as the best way to revitalize and deep clean carpet. Heat is essential in all cleaning. To be most effective, the carpet cleaning solution should be at least 212 degrees Fahrenheit at the wand tip. As a general guideline, hot-water extraction should be carried out two to three times per year depending on traffic, area and use.

9) Pre-spray and then groom. Pre-spray visibly soiled and spotted areas on carpets and then agitate with a carpet groomer or rake. Allow 5 to 10 minutes of dwell time to loosen and emulsify soiled areas.

10) Involve the building's tenants. An effective carpet maintenance involves the building's occupants. The more actively involved building users are in the cleanliness and maintenance of their own facility the more likely the building's carpets will stay clean and the building healthy.

Treating you right.
Thank you for visiting the EcoPro blog. In this reading we would like to share our vision of what "treating you right" means to us.

As consumers we have all encountered poor service and bad PR. It feels horrible to pay for a service or product that does not work or a service that just didn't add up.

At EcoPro Carpet Care we take the guesswork out of our service. Offering you a 100% satisfaction guaranty. We will not only provide the best work possible. EcoPro will go the extra mile to really give you what other company's wont.

We will give you peace of mind. You will know that you found the best deal. We are not the cheapest but you do get what you pay for. You will feel at ease and welcomed. When you call us on the telephone. There is only one priority when you call and that is you. You will see the difference in our equipment. We keep our vans clean, tidy and serviced. We stand out from the pack from the use of our meticulous 12 step carpet cleaning system. We stand We shine above the rest because we remember you at your next scheduled service. You are able to be at ease with who's in your home. We do all of the work ourselves and never sub contract.

What makes EcoPro different
We commonly encounter the question. "What makes EcoPro Carpet Care different from other carpet cleaning companies?"

To us, being different starts at the initial phone call. From the moment you make the call. It is our objective to answer in under three rings. Our customer service staff is fully trained in all aspects of the carpet, hard surface, and upholstery cleaning industry. We will speak clear, understandable. Our customer service representatives are patient to address your concerns. Our customer service reps will also provide you with a fast, honest and knowledgeable over the phone estimate.

Upon appointment the technician assigned to your job. Will arrive on time, uniformed, a fully stocked van with a wide variety of cleaning solutions to meet any challenge. Our carpet cleaning technicians are trained to treat the customer with respect, and to be non intrusive in your personal space. The carpet cleaning technician will complete a 12 step process that includes.

1. Pre inspection
2. Home protective placements such as corner guards
3. Furniture protective plastic tabs and foam blocks
4. Complete dry soil extraction
5. Pre treatment solution treatment
6. We also will spot treat areas that were not removed in step 5
7. A pile lifting traffic lane agitation is performed where needed
8. Proper dwell time for solutions to properly emulsify contaminates
9. High heat extraction with a neutralizing rinse
10. Drying fans will be placed if dry time is expected to be longer than 4 hours
11. We groom finish frieze and shag carpet
12. It is strongly recommended to have us apply Maxim carpet protector to re coat carpets fibers.

We are a local family owned business that takes great pride in being your trusted carpet, hard surface and upholstery cleaning company.

This is just the scratch of the surface to the notorious " What makes your company different" question. ~Thank you for choosing us!

Tile and grout cleaning Beaumont, Ca
EcoPro Carpet Care of Beaumont, Ca is proud to now offer Tile & grout cleaning. We have developed a system similar to our thorough carpet cleaning system.
We will take our time treating the grout lines with the necessary solutions. To break down the built up grime and caked on soil. We follow this a deep penetrating scrub. This is done to really work in and loosen the contaminated areas. Included in our system is a high pressure 200 degree heat blast while recovering the "dirty water" at the same time. We are going to be offering special discounts for a limited time. Give us a call today to reserve your appointment.

Your carpet cleaning co. of 2012 says..
Thank you for the successful carpet cleaning year of 2012 you provided. EcoPro Carpet Care of Beaumont, Ca 92223 EcoPro Carpet Care could have not done it without your trust and support.
It was our goal in January to provide even better carpet cleaning service than our competitors. During the past year we were able to acquire many new tools that help to get the job done better and more efficient.
We made systematic modifications to our carpet cleaning process to serve you better. 2013 has even more good things in store. It is our objective to be not only the best in our hometown of Beaumont, CA 92223 but to spread into neighboring cities providing the same quality that made us known.
We look forward to 2013 with full throttle confidence. Of "you" and your best interest on our minds. Our goal is raise the bar once again. With our passion driven carpet cleaning service. When your neighbors see the EcoPro Van in your driveway. They know your home is going to look amazing inside, and smell astonishing.

Getting that stain out
Stains can be a troublesome eyesore on your homes flooring. Its important to clean it as well as important to what you clean it with. is a great link to find out more ways that are recommended by the leader in quality flooring.

Not all carpet is cleaned the same.
EcoPro Carpet Care of Beaumont, CA There are several types of carpets on the market. Too many to list. But as a brief example i'll name a few. There are cut pile, frieze, Berber and pattern blends.

The most expensive and exotic carpet is wool. Please never attempt to DIY. This can be a costly regrettable mistake. Call a professional ASAP.

There basic fibers, are your nylon synthetic. And Poly synthetic. Nylon cleans very nicely, and easily. Its similar "look alike" would be polyester blend. That wears prematurely and holds in traffic lanes and dies not clean up that well or easily.

When in the market of choosing carpet. Call or consult with your carpet cleaning company. We see quality carpet as well as junk carpet on a regular basis. And can help you with making a long term decision.

How long should you wait? Carpet cleaning Beaumont, CA 92223
A common question that we encounter at EcoPro carpet Care of Beaumont, Ca 92223 is, How long should I wait before having our carpets cleaned? The truth is that your carpet can never be over cleaned. As long as it is performed by a professional that knows, applies and understands carpet cleaning chemistry. For example with your clothes. Do you wait for them to be filthy, stained and stinky before you clean them? Most people don't. Its quite common for us to clean our clothes after just one wearing. Think of your flooring the same way. Except it is lived on, making it even more necessary to keep clean. We recommend waiting no longer than 6 months to a year. Before calling EcoPro Carpet Care to perform service. With this normal carpet cleaning service. Your home will not only look great, but you will get more use out of your carpet due to the added prolonged life that regular carpet cleaning provides.

Welcome to November
Hello to all of the EcoPro Carpet Care customers and visitors to this site.
It's hard to fathom that November is already here. With that comes not only a time change, voting but the beginning of the major holidays as well. It's often a time to have family and guest visit.
You are probably able to remember the spills that occurred last year, as well as the heavy traffic and the inclement weather.
No need to worry. We can help protect your carpet and keep it lasting longer. This will save you money in the long term.
Carpet protector reinforces the fiber, forms a barrier by coating the fiber, keeps spills from becoming permanent stains.
EcoPro Carpet Care is the reputable carpet cleaning company for the Beaumont, Ca 92223 area.

Lets get your home looking its best.
EcoPro Carpet Care would like to help you get your home looking its best. Carpet cleaning can make a major diffrence in the apperance of your home to not only yourself but visitors as well. Our carpet cleaning system will not leave any soil attraccting residues in your carpeting. This will help your carpet stay clean longer.

The Holidays will be here soon
As the days get shorter, so does the time until Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years arrive. We at EcoPro Carpet Care know how fast a monthly budget can go with all of the extra un expected expenses.
That is why we are offering special carpet cleaning package discounts. For the Beaumont, CA 92223 Yucaipa, CA 92399 Redlands, CA 92373, 92359, 92374 and Banning, CA 92220 areas.
These carpet cleaning specials can be custom matched to fit your budget and cleaning needs.

Just give us a call at 951-797-3992 for your free over the phone consultation.

Top 5 reasons to choose EcoPro Carpet Care
There are several reasons to choose EcoPro Carpet Care of Beaumont, Ca 92223. The Top 5 would have to be
1. Reputation, our carpet cleaning reputation remains spotless.
2. Education, we are constantly involved in learning about as well as applying the newest proven carpet cleaning technology.
3. Experience, We have cleaned all kinds of carpet. From expensive residential wool, common nylon blend, polyester cut pile, shag, Berber, commercial glue down, and more.
4. Equipment, we take pride in the equipment we operate. EcoPro Carpet Care uses the best equipment available, for the type of carpet we are cleaning. We maintain our equipment on a regular basis. This helps keep any break downs from occurring on the job.
5. Guarantee, We are offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with service we provided. Let us know, and we will try to make things right. Even if it means a complete refund.

What is "green" to us? Eco (Pt1)
The meaning of green has so much attention right now. Customers want to know what does "green" mean to EcoPro Carpet Care.

The "Eco" Portion of our company name represents. The fact that we are committed to conservation. As well as responsible use of the Earth's resources. We believe in proper recycling items such as the gallon jugs we use. We also operate a hybrid truckmounetd system that can be powered by electric renewable energy, gasoline, as well as a portion is powered by clean burning propane. We make strong effort to use all products that are safe for our eco-system. EcoPro Carpet Care's high pressure, high heat system. Uses less cleaning solution because of the 200 plus degrees that cuts thru the soil in your textile.

Green is also what we have in mind. When we are providing service to our customers. We not only consider being "green" in our outdoor environment. But the indoor quality of your home. We work to eliminate. The mites, toxins, germs and dust that is in the pile of your flooring. Providing you with clean, soft, and free of residue carpet or upholstery.

Local Carpet Cleaning Company
EcoPro Carpet Care is a local family owned company. We provide carpet cleaning for both residential and commercial. EcoPro Carpet Care has been in the carpet cleaning business since 2006. We use a variety of cleaning methods and solutions. Each job may require either stronger or less mild solutions. We can also tackle your carpet cleaning project with various methods. There is the carpet mill recommended HWE which means hot water extraction. carpet cleaning dry times for our HWE system are just under 2 hours. Or low moisture that is a bonnet type carpet cleaning. Low moisture carpet cleaning is recommended for commercial accounts or facility's needing high turnover.
EcoPro Carpet Care has several locations thru North Orange County, As well as the entire Inland Empire. Cities such as Beaumont, Ca Yucaipa, Ca Redlands, Ca Chino, Ca Ontario, Ca Brea, Ca Diamond Bar, Ca Rancho Cucamonga, Ca Riverside, Ca Eastvale, Ca Corona, Ca Norco, Ca Cherry Valley, Ca Cabazon,Ca Alta Loma, Ca Upland, Ca Montclair, Ca Industry, Ca Walnut, Ca and more. You can call us anytime for a free estimate. Or to schedule your carpet cleaning service at Local (951) 797-3992 or toll free 1(855)326-7761 1(855) Eco-Pro1

We thank you for making us your carpet cleaners of choice.

Thank you 2011
EcoPro Carpet Care sends a HUGE Thank you to all of our newest 2011 carpet cleaning customers. We strongly believe and know that you the customer is the life blood of our business. We constantly strive to meet or exceed your expectations. Thank you for the referrals to your loved ones, family and friends. EcoPro Carpet Care holds strong to trustworthy values, respect and consistency. Aside from the extra discount that you receive for each referral. You can also have the confidence that we will provide a superior carpet cleaning service to your referral. It has been a year of amazing growth for EcoPro Carpet Care, as we have added new locations to better serve our customers. To a stellar 2012 to come!! Thank you - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

EcoPro Carpet Care Commercial Division
EcoPro Carpet Care proudly offers commercial carpet cleaning service regiments for your establishment. Our customers absolutely rave about the quality of workmanship that we provide. EcoPro Carpet Care employs the use of encapsulation technology in combination with our high heat steam cleaning. This thorough process eliminates the heavy traffic patterns. We are focused on eliminating what is called "rapid re-soiling" This happens when to much detergent is left on the carpet, leaving a sol attracting residue. EcoPro Carpet Care also offers at no charge is a facility evaluation. We will evaluate where the source of traffic patterns are coming from and present what measures that should be taken. Give us a call for all of your facility carpet and upholstery needs.

EcoPro Carpet Care Pet Odor Removal
EcoPro Carpet Care offers a pet odor removal service. We treat it from the source. By first finding it with uv detection. After we find the source we will mark the contaminated area to not looses the spot. Most of times the contaminated source is not seen to the naked eye. We prepare a special mix that is designed specifically to treat urine and feces contamination. After the proper dwell time has been allowed its time to perform a deep cleaning flush. This removes all of the source of the pet odor contamination. This cleaned the carpet, padding as well as treating the sub floor. Sometimes a tint of stain may still be present, we will re treat the face of the carpet fibers to make it look as if nothing ever happened.
Give EcoPro Carpet Care a call to schedule your pet decontamination service. We can be reached at (951) 797-3992

What is organic carpet cleaning?
Organic carpet cleaning is available in either steam cleaning extraction or dry method. It is made without harsh carpet cleaning chemicals. If you suffer from allergies, have sensitive skin, have children that crawl on the floor. This is your best choice, if your carpet is light to mild soiled. If you choose to have this organic service performed. There is no extra charge from EcoPro Carpet Care, but please mention at time of scheduling service.

The convenience of a good carpet cleaning company.
You see the rental carpet cleaning machines while your at the checkout of your grocery store. You or someone you know has rented and used one of these carpet cleaner machines in the past. So the issue of over-wetting the carpet has already crossed your mind. As you imagine doing the job yourself you can already begin to smell the mildew. You change your mind. But later that week at the general store. You see the do it yourself machines that you can own. In your mind you know your carpet is beginning to look drab and dingy. You begin to consider the cost, time needed, and effort. Not to mention what type of cleaning solutions will be needed. Another shopper shares that they did not like the machine you were considering. Because of cheaply made parts that break very easy. You continue on with your day. Without renting or purchasing a do it yourself carpet cleaning unit.
Later on that day the mail comes and inside are the advertisements. You look for the carpet cleaning ads, because you remember seeing at least five companies who offer $9.95 a room for steam cleaning. And your carpet is going to need replacing if it isn't cleaned soon. There are spots from the children's drinks. Traffic from the dog as well as everyone else. You make the call to the first one and he says it wont be $9.95 a room because you have heavy soil and will need to be pre treated for more money. The next company you call....haha its the same company just under another name. So you continue down the list to call and schedule with xyz carpet cleaning company. They arrive "Two high school kids" non-uninformed, smoking cigarettes and using foul language. The van is leaking oil on your clean driveway. In your mind you want to send them away. But know that you did schedule the appointment and do need carpet cleaning. They both come inside and pressure you that you need to pay more money. If you want your carpet cleaned. You gather the courage to ask them to leave and that you don't want them to be cleaning your carpet. They grumble and complain as they leave making you feel bad.
You feel despair and hopeless in getting this simple carpet cleaning task done. As your washing off the oil mess on your driveway that the carpet cleaners made. You see your neighbor getting their carpet and upholstery cleaned. By EcoPro Carpet Care, you go over to investigate. The uniformed technician is working systematically and the carpet inside looks new again. You are in "wow" you assume that your neighbor is paying allot of money for this service. You ask the EcoPro Carpet Care for an estimate. He goes to your home and puts shoe cover on before he enters. Calculates the price and informs you of the complete carpet cleaning process that is included. The time required for cleaning and complete dry time. You are impressed at this point. You schedule an appointment and have the services done.
EcoPro Carpet Care left you with a free bottle of carpet and upholstery cleaning spotter and a refrigerator magnet with company info for future contact info.
You were so happy told all your friends about your story.

Carpet Cleaning Chino Hills, Ca 91709
Did you know that EcoPro Carpet Care is Rated #1 in the Inland Empire? EcoPro Carpet Care strives on carpet cleaning excellence and complete customer satisfaction. We can turn your carpet from trafficked and dingy, to clean soft and welcoming. Take a look at our carpet cleaning discount page. For special deals that might just fit your carpet cleaning needs. We mentioned Chino Hills, Ca as the header of this blog to attract carpet cleaning attention from this community. EcoPro Carpet Care II is now up and running in full force. EcoPro Carpet Care II covers the West Inland Empire communities such as Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Chino, Phillips Ranch, Pomona, Claremont, Montclair, Upland, Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Fontana, Corona, Eastvale and more. Please give us a call for carpet or upholstery cleaning if you live in any of these locations. We are offering never heard of carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning specials. For these locations - 1-855-EcoPro1 or (951) 797-3992 Your Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Specialist.

EcoPro Carpet Care Service Areas
EcoPro Carpet Care serves the following cities: Beaumont, Ca 92229 Banning, Ca 92220 92230 92282 Calimesa,Ca 92399 92320 Yucaipa, Ca 992399 Redlands, Ca 92359 92374 92373 Moreno Valley, Ca 92557 92553 Riverside, Ca 92501 92507 92504 92506 Ontario, Ca 91762 91764 91761 Chino, Ca 91710 91708 Chino Hills,Ca 91709 Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91737 91730 Alta Loma, Ca 91701 Upland, Ca 91759 91784 91786 Mira Loma, Ca 91752 Norco, Ca 92860 Corona, Ca 92880 92879 92882 Montclair, Ca 91763 Claremont, Ca 91711 If your City is not listed please give us a call. At 1-855-ECOPRO1 or (951) 797-3992 You may be in our service range. Thanks for making us your carpet cleaning company.

Holidays will be here soon.
Hello this is Joseph from and wanted to remind you that before you know it Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years will be here soon. At EcoPro Carpet Cleaning of Chino Hills, Ca 91709 | Carpet Cleaning of Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91701,91730 | EcoPro Carpet Care of Beaumont, Ca 92223 and more.. We use polymer technology that leaves your carpets staying clean longer. We remove the soils and coat the fibers with a anti- rapid re-soil coating. This means you can have your carpets cleaned before the Holiday shopping begins. And getting your home's carpet in shape. You wont have to worry about your carpet getting dirty so fast. Act before 11/14/2011 You must mention this Blog at time of scheduling. We will protect your carpet up to 150 sq ft of carpet protected with DuPont Teflon Advanced Carpet Stain Protection FOR FREE! yes Free. We normally sell this add on for $30.00 This carpet cleaning offer must be used with carpet cleaning service of our $90.00 EcoPro carpet cleaning minimum. Not good with any other carpet cleaning offers.
Why Wait? make the call to EcoPro Carpet Care today to schedule your Holiday Carpet Cleaning Service.
Thank You From EcoPro Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service
Rated #1 in the Inland Empire

Take off your shoes!
Good evening this is Joseph Torrez here from EcoPro Carpet Care in Beautiful Beaumont, Ca
I wanted to take some time to blog about the importance of taking your outdoor shoes when your in the house. When you wear your shoes in the house carpet. Its getting the carpet dirty from all the contaminates you have walked thru. Gross things that you would't put in your mouth. All of that settles eventually becomes airborne and enters your body. Do you have allergy's? This can trigger it. When you wear shoes in the home your also wearing out the fibers prematurely. The rubber on the soles will mat down traffic lanes real quick. And if you have ever replaced carpet you'll know its not cheap. You can easily spend $2500 just on a small single story home. Why go there if you can avoid it.
So how do I change my habits you ask? EcoPro Carpet Care of the Inland Empire recommends investing in a shoe rack for your main entry point of the home. Your carpet is going to stay clean longer. And a clean carpet reduces allergens. It also feels great to have company over knowing your home looks welcoming. And remember a good rule of thumb to vacuuming is do so X however many people are residing in the home a week. And have EcoPro Carpet Care provide your carpet cleaning every 6 months.

Rated #1 in The Inland Empire
EcoPro Carpet Care has been Rated #1 in the Inland Empire. EcoPro Carpet Care is centrally located in Beaumont Ca But is not limited to also serve surrounding Cities such as Yucaipa, Redlands,Loma Linda and more. We also have other branches franchise branches that cover other areas. Example EcoPro Carpet Care 2 serves the West Inland Empire with Cities such as Chino, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Walnut, Upland, Glendora, Rancho Cucamonga and more. We were rated #1 For several reasons. The first being that we are family owned and operated. Your safety is first priority to us and all of outside staff that joins EcoPro Carpet Care is drug tested and background checked. EcoPro Carpet Care delivers a better carpet cleaning experience. Because we care about getting the carpet or upholstery cleaned in your home truly clean with no soil attracting residue left behind. Meaning that the carpet we just cleaned for you will stay clean longer. We leave carpet cleaning jobs dry to the touch in just a few hours. We are constantly updating and learning new chemistry's that are introduced int the carpet cleaning industry. We show up on time, uniformed, properly equipped and have clean clearly marked company vehicles. Always showing 100% respect to you and your family.

Choosing a carpet cleaning company.
Its not always easy finding a reputable and reliable carpet cleaner company. And you are not happy with the results from the do it yourself carpet cleaning machines. They don't give you the results you want, take to long to dry and just require too much work. EcoPro Carpet Care is your best choice for professional fast dry carpet and upholstery cleaning. We are family owned and operated, so this takes the guesswork of who exactly will be in your home. We believe in long term relationships and provide cleaning consistency. We can effectively clean any carpet or furniture. With the use of our thorough carpet cleaning process. We use premium carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions that are non toxic, complete green carpet cleaning is available at no extra charge. So forget about renting the stinky machine from the grocery store. Don't waste time fumbling on choosing the right solutions. Call EcoPro Carpet Care the most trusted name in carpet & upholstery cleaning co in the Inland Empire. Mention this blog and receive a special  discount.
Carpet, Hard surface and furniture cleaning advice and tips

"Free advice and tips, of carpet care and other flooring"

EcoPro Carpet Care
Joe EcoPro
(951) 797-3992